Lucas Johnson Edit

Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 170 cm
Occupation(s): High School Student
Family & Friends
Family: Bridgit Johnson (Sister)

Mr. Johnson (Father)
Mrs. Johnson (Mother)
Indiana (Cousin)

Friends: Books
Relationships: April Green (Crusher)
Other Information
Interests: Books

Superhero Movies

Education: Liverpool High School, Liverpool, England
Talents: Intelligence
Weaknesses: Human Relations


Story Information
First appearance: 1. kapitola
Last appearance: TBA
Portrayer: Lucas Grabeel

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Personality Edit

Lucas Johnson je starší brat Bridgit. Spolu s rodičmi sa nasťahovali do domu, kde predtým bývali Jonasovci. Väčšinu času trávi čítaním a na Bridgitino zúfalstvo je úplne neschopný v medziľudských vzťahoch.

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Name Edit

  • A form of Luke or Lucius, meaning "light-giving" or "illumination."

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