Willie Groundskeeper Edit

Willie Groundskeeper
Willie Groundskeeper
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Occupation(s): Janitor at Liverpool High School
Family & Friends
Friends: Elizabeth Hartley
Relationships: Elizabeth Hartley (Fiancée)
Enemies: April Green

Bridgit Johnson
Tom Lancaster
Jerry Lancaster
Brooke Yang
Dylan Rotter
Possibly all students

Other Information
Interests: His job


Story Information
First appearance: 1. kapitola
Last appearance: TBA
Portrayer: Willie Groundskeeper

About Edit

Personality Edit

Willie Groundskeeper je školníkom na Liverpoolskej strednej škole. Rád kričí na neprezutých ľudí a chce, aby všetci študenti dodržiavali školský poriadok. Väčšinou má po ruke motyku alebo lopatu, ktorou sa potom vyhráža študentom.

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Biography Edit

Before TEOTW Edit

During TEOTW Edit

After TEOTW Edit

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Trivia Edit

Name Edit

  • Willie is of German origin; meaning strong-willed warrior

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